Alright so admittedly, this is not the movie review I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to be picking back up my Scribbly on Ghibli that I started and did not finish last year, but unfortunately, I was unable to find the time in my schedule to watch the movie I had planned. That being said, I did happen to find the time to go see Jordan Peele's new movie Us which came out at the end of last month.

Considering the critical and financial success of Peele's first movie Get Out (2017), expectations for his second release Us were very high. As a fellow black (wannabe) filmmaker, I know I for one sure had high expectations for the movie and honestly, I wasn't disappointed. So far, from the general conversations I have been having throughout the week, opinions have been varied.

I like the movie; to me

the cinematography was done well, the acting was great, the musical composition

complimented the scenes very well. I thought the story was handled fairly well,

it was a bit ambitious but I personally found myself able to keep up with

majority of the threads presented within the film. I loved the tension, I found

the movie more tense than scary, and I thought it did wonders for the story


My sister, on the other hand, thought it was just okay. She thought the casting had some issues and some of the dialogue was unbefitting for certain characters. She agreed that cinematography and score was well done, but she felt that overall the story was too ambitious to ultimately be in par with Get Out.

Despite that, we both

still recommend a viewing. Is the movie perfect? No. But it is such a wild and

thrilling ride and, in my opinion, harbors a twist that warrants not only a

first, but also a second viewing.

9/10 would recommend. And I will be back with my Scribbly, I swear!

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